Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well that went well. Or not.

So. OK I'm going to say it - I got derailed. When I initially came up with the idea to have a hundred dates in a year it was when I was gainfully employed and had the means to throw cash on the table and make a dramatic exit if I should need to.

Then I, like so many others got laid off.

And frankly, I didn't feel like using a blog as a forum to bitch about it. Instead, I sat on my sofa and got fat. Which in this city def. impacts your dating life. Vicious f'ing cycle isn't it?

Then I finally got a job (inevitable rant about that will come later).
Then I got laid off again and here we are.


C'est la vie.

So I'm changing tactics. I'm going to the gym, or walking or doing other things to keep my ass from getting any wider. I'm also going to take advantage of this space to pontificate and write down things that come to my mind. Mostly for my own entertainment but I'm doing it in a public forum so hopefully other folks might enjoy it. We'll see won't we?


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